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  • A few colours and stuff are still screwed up, I will fix this in the next update.
    Welcome to DigitalVD Zone, Last Updated: [10.05.2000] 20:50 PM GMT

    This website contains mostly 'Headline News' - click on a headline to see the
    full news article. Most headlines are links, but there may be a few that are not.

    I'm doing a few slight changes to the site, not much, just changing colours mainly.
    That's about it.

    ... .. N E W S ..[10.05.2000]

    THIS SITE I DEAD, just in case you havn't noticed !!! - 28 October 2000

    English a bit bad, need DVD news in french ?
    Thanks to Olivier, all you french readers can get DVD related news and software at his site, DVDDEZONE, in french.

    Marvel Comics Inc. to abandon comicbooks for motion pictures?

    Want a little Charlie's Angels action? Teaser here!

    HEAVY METAL 2000 screener review


    Rumor has it that Harrison Ford has chosen between those two projects! And it was the right choice!

    FLMLVR gets all weird and squishy about CENTER STAGE

    Still More Dune TV Series Photos...

    Hanks, Diaz top Blockbuster honors

    MP3.com gains ground as Napster loses a round

    Cannes Film Festival aims for something more digestible

    John Travolta completes 18-year journey to make 'Battlefield Earth'

    First direct-to-Internet movie fails to impress

    Judge explains his ruling against MP3

    Japanese electronics manufacturers including Sony Corp and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd said on Monday they would boost output of digital video disc (DVD) players to meet growing world demand.

    imix.com Unveils New Entertainment Library of Exclusive Rare Films for DVD Release

    'Green Mile,' Winner of Four Academy Award Nominations and 'Unquestionably the Best Picture of the Year/a' Debuts on VHS & DVD June 13

    PlayStation 2: How to play any DVD on newer versions of the console

    Take a look at the menus for Warner Home Video's upcoming The Green Mile

    "Gladiator" Box-Office Heroics

    Hayden Christensen (Who?) Does Darth

    Exclusive: 'Hannibal' Pictures Here!
    Sneak peak at production on the 'Silence Of The Lambs' sequel...

    Exclusive: Demi Moore To Box For Guy Ritchie?
    'Striptease' star said to be chasing role in new female boxing pic...

    Jean Reno Wants To Be Typecast
    French actor wants to play the baddie in 'Rollerball' remake...

    Denise Richards Takes 'Advice' Bond girl to star with Charlie Sheen in romantic comedy...

    New Vstrip0.5c_css is out and finally fixes the stupid bug of the main movie getting deleted after stripping in movies that contain just 1 or 2 vob ids.

    ... .. N E W S ..[08.05.2000]

    Segue Zagnut tiptoes into a very early screening of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE

    Euro-AICN # 9 with OGOPOGO, MUMMY 2, COLD MOUNTAIN, Tom Tykwer's latest, and more

    HANNIBAL teaser poster and trailer online

    Cronenberg in JASON X?

    Erik Lanshof takes a look at Paul Verhoeven's HOLLOW MAN

    And the villains that SPIDER-MAN will be combatting throw pumpkins and use tentacles!!!

    Ryan Phillipe, Colin Hanks and Hayden Christensen.... all in STAR WARS EPISODE TWO

    Hatchet Harry chop-chops on Zemeckis' WHAT LIES BENEATH with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer

    The official Logo for SPIDER-MAN? Hmmmm

    Additional Information about other Cameron films added!!! James Cameron to produce ALIEN VS PREDATOR.... no.... Really

    A Bit of Info on the Upcoming DUNE Miniseries

    MP3.com, BMI in music licensing deal

    'Gladiator' hacks down competition for top box-office debut

    Michael Jordan 'to the MAX' in new IMAX film

    Review: 'Virgin Suicides' an unconsummated tale

    'Small Soldiers' suit puts Spielberg in crosshairs

    Another Internet first: 'Quantum Project'

    Take a look at the menus for The Spy Who Loved Me from the James Bond Collection

    Sorry for the lack of news, I will update again on Wednesday.

    ... .. N E W S ..03.05.2000]

    What looks at Woody Allen's SMALL TIME CROOKS

    SPIDER-MAN to debut Fall 2001 at your friendly neighborhood theater

    Pacino to be in Michael Mann's ALI?

    SuperMedz and Stonetable take a look at MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2

    More on TRAFFIC and how you could be an EXTRA!

    Sheriff John T. Chance takes a look at DINOSAUR and GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS!!!!

    Smilin Jack Ruby takes a look at Jon Favreau's MADE

    Meester Anonymous Cool reviews.... MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2... the movie, not the script!

    Movement on Scorsese's GANGS OF NEW YORK!!!

    Baron Karza is in with a report on the script for LIKE CATS AND DOGS... which sounds pretty cool!

    The Cleverly Hidden One spills more casting on Spielberg/Kubrick's A.I.

    What David Fincher has in the works next!!!

    Quint provides AICN's last review of GLADIATOR... at least until the inevitable great DVD that we'll all purchase!

    MP3.com angers artists by outing their earnings

    Metallica fingers 335,435 Napster users

    Some menu screens of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid are now in our Menu Gallery

    John Travolta discusses new movie 'Battlefield Earth'

    Summer comes early to the cineplex

    Filmmaker Tony Bui discusses returning to Vietnam

    Actors unions strike against TV, radio advertisers

    'N Sync: The Movie

    Moviefone Gets Kramer-ized

    I didn't exist for three months, it was amazing."
    Click here to read Jim Carrey's thoughts on playing Andy Kaufman in new release 'Man On The Moon'...

    'Hannibal' Trailer Released This Week!>

    UK Box Office: Audiences Love To 'Scream'
    Wes Craven's horror pic outdoes its two previous outings...

    'Planet Of The Apes' Gets Makeover Artist
    Burton set to hire "ape specialist" for special effects on new film...

    Off-topic - Space debris rains down on South Africa

    ”Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" DVD review at DVD Review

    "Dogma" DVD review at DVD Review

    Scream 3. Coming as a Dimension Collector's Edition, "Scream 3" will carry a suggested retail price of $29.99 and come with a number of special features and an anamorphic transfer.
    - DVD Review

    Hidden features in the 'Galaxy Quest' DVD

    ... T E C H B I T S[**.**.2000]

    If you would like to comment on this site or send me any news, please
    do so by emailing me at hitman@mailbox.co.za

    - SaturnY3K

    This webpage is owned and maintained by SaturnY3K. All coding, layouts and images are owned
    by SaturnY3K and may not be used without permission. The news and information on this site are
    correct at the time of posting. I (SaturnY3K) cannot be held responsible for information that is not
    accurate, I post it the way I get it. The information on this website is used at your own risk, I accept
    NO responsibility for any damages caused by using the information here, directly or indirectly.
    Don't tell me you actually read all the way down to here, go read a book or something :)
    The Y2K picture on the top of this page is owned by CNN.
    If you are owner of any of the software on this site and want it removed, please contact me.

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